Melodrama / Theatre


Written by Jang Yoo-jung and produced by Good People Theatre Company, Melodrama won Golden Prize and was nominated for Best Director at the annual 34th Workers’ Culture & Arts Festival in South Korea.

Director: Jay Choi

Writer: Yoo-jung Jang
Producer: Nar-ri Kim
Stage Manager: Ji-hoo Kim
Set Designer: Joon-gi Lee

Music & Sound: Hong-jeon Son
Set and Lighting Crew:
Byung-joo Kim
Yeon-soo Park
Mi-jin Heo
Shi-hyeon Lee
Ji-hyeon Park
Yeon-kyung Kim
Byung-gu So
Byung-guk Jo
Kyung-joo Choi
Eun-ji Kim
So-yeon Lee

In-ok Lim
Joon-gi Lee
Nar-ri Kim
Gyung-hee Lee
Ji-eun Lee